We make our own t-shirts from start to finish, with a lot of patience and a love for plants that is expressed through the clothes,

1. Design process

The design process is the earliest process we do to ensure the uniqueness of each t-shirt so that it is different from the t-shirts on the market.


2. Fabric cutting process

This advanced process is the process of cutting the t-shirt pattern before sewing, after being conceptualized in the first process with good and thick material, of course.


3. Fabric sewing process

The next step is the process of sewing the fabric to make t-shirts to ensure the quality is maintained. We really enjoy every process


 4. Shooting process

The final step is a photo shoot in our simple studio room to create an attractive t-shirt display to be listed in our online shop,=============================

Be part of us to make this earth greener with the campaign you bought,