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There are a few rules that I will tell you and obey before processing your plant order,
1. You must study the policies in your country before you decide to order imported plants.
2. After we process your plants and before we send your order, the buyer is required to check all documents or paper that we send in order to comply with policies when exporting plants such as:
A. packing list
B. Plant invoice
C. Phytosanitary
D. Green and yellow labels
E. Import permit documents
(every country has different rules)
3. After we send the plants, we have no responsibility to guarantee the plants (absolutely), which means you have to be careful about the two rules above.

If the three rules above are met, we will immediately process your order.

Why is this rule implemented?
Many factors and very complex plant problems occur, such as:
1. Buyers don't know the rules for importing plants so that when there is a disruption during transit or custom clearance it is stopped and detained,
2. Buyers often cannot be contacted when their obligation is to pay the $25 DHL bill upon arrival in the United States (for certain states)
3. When arriving at the plant quarantine, the buyer cannot be contacted to ask several questions (often happens)
4. When a human error occurs in custom clearance, it sometimes removes important documents that have been inserted in the package such as (phytosanitary, packing list and invoice) so that it requires communication from the buyer to send the existing soft files,
5. Lastly at USDA (US buyers only) we send it in good condition, healthy and before we send it we always show photos and videos as well as the shape of the package,
However, after checking and opening it at USDA, they then continue using a local delivery service, which often happens when the buyer receives a plant package and the plant stem is broken and ends up with several damaged leaves.

of all the problems that exist, there are so many complications for shipping plants between countries that cooperation is needed between the seller and the buyer, and when there is discommunication from the buyer then the plant package cannot pass and will end up dying during delivery and in the end the seller is the one who bears all the mistakes, so from The plants we sell are very affordable so please understand. 🔥🔥🔥

And this the following is the process before being sent to the buyer from start to finish

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